Starlighter Music presents


by Abba Lang & Camilla Simon featuring Flowdaddy

The bold new sports anthem.
Available worldwide on 12.06.2024

Your team won the championship and you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to celebrate – this is your song!
“Champions” is the bold new sports anthem to hype up your championship celebrations at the stadium, the arena, the public screening, or at home with your friends.
Performed by Abba Lang and Camilla Simon, featuring Flowdaddy on guitar, this song comes with a hard-hitting beat, catchy hook, and lush instrumentation, produced by Marven Wagner (Magic) and Issa Franke (I$$A).
“Champions” is a powerful crossover of rock, hip-hop, and pop music – an energizing symbiosis of beats, vocals, and guitars – a song that stands out like star players leading their team to championship glory.
Pop rock meets hip-hop in a resounding stadium banger that strikes like the winning shot at the finals game!


You can stream the song here: Spotify
You can buy and download the song here: Bandcamp

Abba Lang
Camilla Simon
Marven Wagner
Lyrics, composition, production, arrangement, executive producer, artwork, art director
Issa Franke
Production, arrangement, recording, mixing
Mike Hesse
Released by Starlighter Music on 12.06.2024
Verse A
Sportsperson of the year
The cameras flash and the people cheer
Sold-out stadiums and jam-packed arenas
We are crunch-time stars, we are team leaders
We challenge ourself, we give everything
We love to compete and we want to win
The gold medal and the championship ring
Lift the trophy to the sky and reign supreme
Verse B
When the finals have been clinched
And you need one more win
Show up strong, A-game on
Go for the top spot, number one
You can be the reigning king
You can be the reigning queen
The undisputed champion
Hero on the winning team
(Winning team)
Champions win championships
(Win championships)
Champions win championships
(Win championships)
Champions win championships
(Win championships)
Champions win championships
(Win championships)

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